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Success Is Seen In Many Ways

BSPA is a theatre school but at its heart is an ethos of cultivating an atmosphere where our students can not only develop their performance skills but also grow in confidence and self belief along the way.

Whatever their ability we will help them improve and gain satisfaction from the strides they make and celebrate those achievements with them. Whether that’s one of our pupils going on to a professional career on stage or another who achieves great strides personally through performing in class, coming out of their shell and finding the place where they can go and feel good about what they do, success is seen in many ways.

Our Values

Everybody is welcome

No matter your ability or experience, you’re welcome at the BSPA.

It’s so much more than just a performance

A show is spectacular, but the journey to get there is full of individual stories. Those stories are just as important as the ones on stage.

Success has many faces

For some students, success is getting to stage school. For others, it’s simply coming out of their shell and finding their happy place. Whatever success is for our students, we must endeavour to help them to achieve it without bias or favoritism.

Make New Friends

At the BSPA, our students meet and work with all kinds of people from all walks of life with one thing in common – a love of singing, dancing and acting. Pupils will get the chance to make new friends and gain self-confidence through doing what they love with like-minded people.

As Angela, one of our parents puts it:

“BSPA has given Holly so much more confidence in her singing, acting and dancing. In the two short years she’s been with BSPA her development in these areas has improved tenfold. Every Saturday morning is full of excitement as it’s BSPA day! ”

bspa make new friends

Unique Opportunities

BSPA also offers our pupils unique opportunities to experience, Not only do they perform in our annual school shows but also gain other memories that will stay with them like singing on stage at Disneyland Paris, workshops with West End performers in the West End and taking part in MTI Junior Theatre Festival at the ICC Birmingham where our cast last year won their category.

Managing Director of the school Tina McVeigh says:

“Since we started BSPA in 2010 I wanted one thing to be its core; the idea that all our children grow in self belief while with us. This is at the heart of all that our wonderful teachers and staff do.”

Performance Excellence

This idea is celebrated by Artistic Director Peter Corry. For more than 20 years Peter has performed all over the world as a singer, from Las Vegas to the West End. Now based back home in NI he believes the ethos of the school is what is its most important quality.

Peter himself puts it very well:

“Yes we strive to achieve performance excellence but also we strive to help young people find their confidence for their future, whatever that future may be.”

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“BSPA has helped me to develop my passion for dancing, but also gave me the confidence to try new things I wouldn’t have before”

Success has many faces at the BSPA. See how the BSPA has helped children and young adults achieve more than just an ability to perform.

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