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Answering your most common questions about BSPA

Prospective Parents

Does my child need to audition to be accepted?

No, we believe in giving every child the opportunity to join and develop a love of Musical Theatre. When we start to work towards the school show we do give children the experience of auditioning in a safe and encouraging environment.

My child loves to dance and act but isn’t a great singer, will that exclude them?

All pupils will gain experience in the three disciplines. It won’t exclude your child in any way if they feel they aren’t as strong in an area. Our teachers endeavour to develop pupils to their full potential.

How are payments made and how often?

Payments are made at the start of each month via our on-line system. Your child will have an account set up for them when they register which is used for safe payments and communication with parents. All details will be sent to you when registering.

Do you accept new pupils during the year, or do they have to wait until next term to join?

It is preferable they start at the beginning of the school year, however, we accept pupils throughout the year if spaces are available.

Can my child come and observe for a week to see if they would like to join?

This is not offered as we have found it is disruptive and doesn’t give your child a proper idea of whether BSPA is for them. If you have concerns please contact us to discuss.

I have more than one child, is there any family discount?

Yes, we offer generous discounts for families. Please contact account@thebspa.co.uk for further details.

My child loves to perform but has a disability. Can they still join BSPA?

At BSPA we aim to be all inclusive and are very happy to discuss individual needs with prospective parents. Please contact tina@thebspa.co.uk for further information.

Current Parents

What does my child need to wear each week?

We ask all pupils to wear a BSPA top of choice, black leggings and black jazz shoes. If they choose to wear a hoodie it must be a BSPA one. These are all available in our online shops.

My child doesn’t feel confident to audition for the show, will she/he still be able to take part?

Auditions are friendly and informal and part of the learning process. We will encourage your child to ‘have a go’ but if they don’t want to it will not be an issue and they will be fully involved in the show.

I am having difficulty accessing the online system to pay fees, what should I do?

Please contact accounts@thebspa.co.uk and you will receive the help you need.

I would like some feedback on how my child is progressing, who should I contact?

We are always happy to give feedback on how a pupil is doing. Please contact your Centre Manager and they will arrange this for you.

If my child has a problem who should I contact?

If you or your child have any concerns please initially contact your Centre Manager. I also am happy to discuss any concerns you may have at tina@thebspa.co.uk.

Make an Enquiry

If you would like to enquire about enrolling your child at the BSPA or request an up-to date price list, please call us on 028 9560 8640 or email info@thebspa.co.uk. Alternatively, please fill in this form and we will call you as soon as possible.