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Northern Irelands leading Theatre School for 3-19 year olds

The Belfast School of Performing Arts is Northern Irelands leading Theatre School for 3-19 year old. We strive to deliver the highest level of training possible to each and every individual student. As well as providing an exceptionally high standard of theatre tuition and unforgettable theatre experiences, we have strong links with the West-end & Broadway, TV & theatre casting agencies.

Under the guidance of our Artistic Director: Peter Corry we focus on helping our students grow in confidence so they can excel within the performing arts world and develop their social skills along the way. Our main emphasis is on fun while we learn and we have a strong creative, happy environment where our students create friendships for life.

We have a firm belief in the ability of Musical Theatre to benefit young people as they grow and develop into young adults. You are never too young to perform and it’s never too late to start learning. We believe that being part of a Theatre School offers a creative outlet to express personalities in a safe environment, and by doing so allows our students to grow into confident adults.

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Our Dance classes help our students develop rhythm, coordination and balance. They learn to express themselves through movement focusing on timing and placement and positioning. They explore the world of dance through a multitude of disciplines including the below:

  • – Warm-up and cool downs
  • – Limbering exercises
  • – Centre/corner work to develop balance and coordination
  • – Amalgamations/Choreography
  • – Proper Placement or arms and feet
  • – Rhythm and timing of movements
  • – Spacial awareness
  • – An array of dancing styles
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Our Drama classes help our students express themselves dramatically and understand how to develop characters through imagination, role play and movement. They explore the world of acting through a multitude of disciplines including the below:

  • – Develop skills in improvisation
  • – Voice training
  • – Characterisation and performance text
  • – Stage and acting technique
  • – Roleplay and imagination
  • – Other drama based fun activities


Our singing classes offer our students specialist vocal tuition using a range of musical styles and techniques. We teach our students the importance of performance skills always focusing on the importance of process over product. They explore the world of singing through a multitude of disciplines including the below:

  • – Vocal Warm-ups
  •  – Harmonies
  • – Vocal techniques on how to use their voices
  • – Scales and singing exercises
  • – Projection and diction
  • – Enhancing vocal range, rhythm & dynamics
  • – Characterisation.
  • – Performance skills
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If you would like to enquire about enrolling your child at the BSPA or request an up-to date price list, please call us on 028 9560 8640 or email info@thebspa.co.uk. Alternatively, please fill in this form and we will call you as soon as possible.