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The BSPA Casting Agency runs along side our successful Theatre School.  We are dedicated in providing bright, talented, energetic young actors for film, TV and theatre productions.  With a vast array of young talent on our directory, we are good at matching performers to what casting directors are looking for and also help the young actors perform work that will allow them to develop their skills.   

Our Casting Agency is managed by Julie Alderdice.  As an actress working in the industry, she has established great working relationships with casting directors and production companies and they know how well trained, prepared, and disciplined our actors are. 

Most recently 2 of our younger actors Edith Williams and Leo McDermott appeared in a new feature film by Oscar winning writer and director Oorlagh George.  BSPA’s Ballymena actor Carla O’Brien was mixing with the stars, working alongside Catherine Tate in ‘This Nan’s Life’.  Award winning actress Victoria McClements took the lead role in Avenue7’s production of Grounding which has been shown all over the world (and she picked up an award or two along the way!!)

Edith Williams (8 years old), BSPA Holywood Road

“When I went to my audition for “Stranger with a Camera” I was nervous but also really excited at the same time. Walking into the room, there were so many people and cameras but everyone was so nice to me and the advice Julie had given me really helped.

Filming was the best few days ever, I completely loved every second of it. The crew were really kind and helped me feel comfortable and even though it was a bit overwhelming, everyone reassured me. I wish I could do it all over again!”

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victoria mcclements bspa

Victoria McClements (19 years old), BSPA Ballymena Alumni

“My experience with “BSPA Casting” has provided me with some incredible opportunities! I’ve attended lots of auditions for the likes of BBC, CBBC and many other productions. It was through BSPA Casting that I got the lead role of ‘Sarah’ in the short film, ‘Grounding’ with Avenue 7 Productions. This was my first professional on-screen role and it has opened so many more opportunities for me.

I loved every single minute on-set and learned so much. I won multiple awards for my role in this film which has been premiered across the world at different film festivals, including New York and I was even nominated for ‘Best Actress’ at the Gold Movie Awards in London. At Christmas, I played the role of ‘Cinderella’ in the pantomime for Mr Hullabaloo which again is amazing to be able to add another professional theatre credit to my CV whilst also enjoying the whole experience.

Julie has been amazing at getting me auditions! She has supported me every step of the way, ringing me before auditions to talk through the scripts and character and answering any questions I have. I would definitely recommend getting involved in BSPA casting if you’re hoping to have a career in the theatre or TV/Film industry!”

Leo McDermott (9 years old), BSPA Belfast AM

“The audition was fine. I had to learn a few lines. When I first said my lines the lady doing the audition thought I was too dramatic but I followed her advice and said them again the way she wanted. They were looking for a boy that looked like the adult version and said I looked quite like him.

Stranger with a Camera was 2 days filming in Killough. There was lots of trying on costumes to get the right look for the film. Then they did my makeup each morning. They were really friendly and gave me snacks. The Director Orlagh George was really nice and it was easy to understand what she wanted me to do.

There was loads of cameras and people around me. We had to do a scene lots of times. I also had to cry but they sprayed my eyes. It was a great experience and I really hope to be successful in future auditions.”

carla obrien bspa casting

Carla O’Brien (9 years old), BSPA Ballymena 

Carla, 9, has been a member of BSPA Ballymena for 4 years. One of the unique additions that BSPA offer is BSPA Casting. Signing up to BSPA Casting is voluntary and I am very proud that Carla has been put forward for many different casting opportunities.

When selected for a casting opportunity, we are advised and mentored all the way, ensuring Carla is confident and fully prepared. Carla’s biggest success, through BSPA Casting was securing a role in Catherine Tate’s ‘Nan, The Movie’, due for release in 2020.  Carla had received many years of acting training from her weekly BSPA classes and was so relaxed, prepared and confident during filming. Julie, from BSPA Casting was always at the end of the phone to offer advice and answer questions and has always been a wonderful mentor.

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