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What is Theatre School?

A theatre school can benefit a child or young person with their performance skills but also in so many other ways.

It is a training setting where pupils can learn performance skills and theatre arts in an established setting under the guidance of teachers who know their subject and care passionately about it and the students in their charge. Performing on stage offers children and young people a chance to shine


Through acting, dancing, and singing students learn how to use and interpret body language, facial expressions and vocals to portray a full range of emotions, including confidence when communicating with others, whether that be one person or 500.

These same skills can be used in many professional situations and will stand our students well in later life. We all need to be able to communicate with others and the more comfortable you are with that, the more paths you can take successfully in later life.

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Exposure to the world of performing arts can, without doubt, boost the confidence of a child or young person, which in turn helps them at school and in their extracurricular activities.

Building confidence allows students to feel positive about performing in front of an audience.
BSPA helps young people make friends with like-minded interests, our classes are also designed to help students integrate well in social settings.


We are there to help our students become the best they can be, whether they go on to become a professional performer or a teacher, whether they become a sales rep or a blogger, it’s all about communication.

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“BSPA has helped me to develop my passion for dancing, but also gave me the confidence to try new things I wouldn’t have before”

Success has many faces at the BSPA. See how the BSPA has helped children and young adults achieve more than just an ability to perform.

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