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At the BSPA, we use 2 primary suppliers for our uniform and dance supplies. Our branded uniforms, including tops, hoodies, bags and accessories are provided by The Signature Works. Please click the Uniform button to purchase these items online.

If you require Shoes, tights, leotards and alike, you can purchase those by clicking the Dance Supplies link which will take you to the BSPA My Dance Store online shop. 


Tops, hoodies, bags and accessories.

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Dance Supplies

Shoes, tights, leotards etc delivered to your door at discounted prices

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BSPA has produced over 60 school shows over its 10 years and as a result, have a wealth of costumes

These are available for hire for such shows as Cats, High School Musical, Aladdin, Shrek, and many other MTI Junior shows

Please send inquiries to

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If you would like to enquire about an up-to date price list, please call us on 028 9560 8640 or email Alternatively, please fill in this form and we will call you as soon as possible.