A Day In The Life of a BSPA Student

Have fun at BSPA

All BSPA Schools run in the same way and in the Autumn term are based on a well planned professional curriculum aimed at providing the best tuition for our pupils.  The schools are divided into 3 groups based on age but sometimes they do vary a little from school to school as we endeavour to ensure the groups are as equal in numbers as possible with a maximum of 20-25 in each group. The curriculum is aimed appropriately at each age group and is intended to be informative, to give children the skills they need to perform but above all to be fun

Blue Group – Ages 6-8 years 

Orange Group – Ages 9-12 years

Green Group – Ages 13 years +

All schools start and end with a warm up and cool down bringing all the school together and in term 2-3 work towards a professional school show in a Professional Theatre

( Please note things will be adjusted currently due to Covid -19 regulations. Please contact info@thebspa.co.uk for more details)

We thought though the best people to tell us about our day is our pupils :

Blue group – David ( 7 years)

BSPA Lisburn AM

“Saturday is my Favourite day of the week, because I go to BSPA! I just love singing, dancing & drama. I am always singing, dancing & acting while I’m at home but on Saturday’s I get to do it with all my friends.

I have been going to BSPA since I was 3 when I started in the juniors but now I am almost 8 & I am in the blue group.

I arrive at Pond Park Primary School at 10am on Saturday morning, and I usually do 3 different classes with 3 different teachers for singing, dancing & drama. We get a break in between to have fun with our friends. My mum or dad picks me up at 1pm.

My favourite time at BSPA is when we are preparing for a play, I have been in 5 different plays & have loved all of them.

Last summer I went to the BSPA summer scheme & I went every day for 2 weeks then we did Joseph & his amazing technicolor dream coat for 2 nights at Stranmillis college, it was brilliant.

BSPA is amazing & I just love it.”

david day in life bspa
ava day in life

Orange Group – Ava (10 years)

BSPA Belfast AM

“On my first day, I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know if anyone would like me but when I went in, everyone was so kind to me and we all had such a fun time, playing games and getting to know each other. From that week on, I wake up every Saturday with a smile on my face knowing that I’m going to be at BSPA that morning.

All the teachers are so much fun that when we learn it doesn’t feel like we’re working, it just feels like we’re doing it for fun. I used to think I’d have a favourite part but because everything is so enjoyable, I would never be able to choose between dancing, acting, or singing.

Every Saturday we do warm-ups and then we get started with our lessons. When we’re doing auditions, we don’t have to do anything we don’t want to do, and we never feel under pressure. When we are practicing for shows, we either do our activities separately or we can do them all together, depending on what is needed.

We don’t have to worry about being perfect as everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. We’re like a big family and those three hours on Saturdays are the best part of my week. I can’t believe how much they’ve taught me already.

I’m in the orange group now and I can’t wait for what the next years bring and look forward to when I’m old enough to move up to the green group.

Everyone could call BSPA home, just like I do.”

Green Group – Erin (15 years)

BSPA Belfast PM

“As a pupil of the Belfast school of performing arts for 8 years, I can say it has most definitely changed my life. I have been given so many opportunities like performing in numerous theatres such as the MAC, The Grand Opera House, and The Waterfront as well as being able to work with so many talented people of all ages.

BSPA has also gave me the opportunity to work backstage helping with stage management enabling me to further my knowledge of not just performing but what goes on in the background that we never see. During our Saturday classes we don’t just prepare for our spring show we also work on curriculum and learn new skills while having fun.

BSPA has helped me further my confidence and make new friends ill keep forever, I’ve been able to gain a better work ethic and has led me to a career I want to pursue for the rest of my life and I’m forever thankful for that.”

erin a day in the life bspa

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