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Success has many faces

BSPA has many success stories, the pupils who go on to gain admission to one of the many Drama Schools in London, the pupils who go to university to study Musical Theatre, Drama, Dance, or Music. Others who perhaps through BSPA have discovered a love of working backstage, costume, or directing or film making.  Just as important though are the children who have gained in confidence, who have developed their social skills, their sense of co-operation and working as a team, supporting or taking the lead.  The pupils who have discovered a love of performance and perhaps found something they enjoy which is an escape from the stress and strain of daily life, a place they feel at home.   At BSPA we have many success stories, below are a few of them, we hope we can help you find your own success story. 

Maddy’s Story

“My daughter has been with BSPA since the very beginning. It is her favourite thing that she looks forward to every week. It isn’t just a place where kids learn to dance, act, and sing.

The techniques that they are taught roll over into real-life without them even knowing it. For example, when they audition for parts, those skills can be applied later on when interviewing for jobs as well. The opportunities that BSPA has given my daughter have been amazing!

She has performed on the biggest stages in Northern Ireland and also in Disneyland Paris! They have provided masterclasses with West End and Broadway stars and also trips to see the shows in London and New York. Those trips are loved equally as much by the parents who get to accompany their kids. It really is a great big family with lifelong friendships being made in every school.

I would highly recommend BSPA to any family. It has inspired my daughter so much that she has decided to pursue Performing Arts as a career and is beginning her course in college in September. You will not regret enrolling your child in the Belfast School of Performing Arts!”

“I would highly recommend BSPA to any family.”

— Lianne Anderson

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Nathan’s Story

“I am a past member of Belfast PM and Bangor schools. I am currently in North London studying professional musical theatre at Emil Dale Academy .

The skills taught each week by our outstanding teaching staff, really stood me in good stead for the huge jump to training every day from 8.15 am to 7 pm, in all aspects of performance including every dance form. We also go through rigorous body conditioning each morning in preparation for full-time employment in the industry .

Having such a strong foundation has helped with not only my confidence in auditioning at the age of 15 yrs but in a strong grasp of the basic skills in each discipline. Without attending BSPA, the transition would have been much more difficult.”

“My time at BSPA, helped nurture and encourage my passion and love for performing arts.”

– Nathan Johnston (former pupil/theatre school student)

Benjamin’s Story

The BSPA has greatly informed my experience in the arts. As a pupil, I made lifelong friends and developed skills that have helped me throughout my career. I grew in passion and understanding of the craft and the industry, which as a performer on TV, and the stage was a great first step.

As a teacher for BSPA, my love for production grew and gave me valuable insight into the other side of the industry. I began to produce and create my own work for film and stage. This lead me to my current role as a Junior Producer at the National Theatre, in London.

“The BSPA gave me experience, confidence and encouragement to pursue a career in the arts.”

– Benjamin Smith (former pupil/BSPA Juniors Teacher/Actor/Junior Producer)

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Anomymous Story

My son started BSPA seven years ago as an incredibly shy, quiet, underconfident six year old. As he wasn’t into team sports, I was looking for an activity where he could engage with other kids, learn new skills and maybe develop his confidence. For him, BSPA has done all of this and more!

From day one, he felt safe and happy. BSPA has taught him about teamwork, the value of working hard to achieve something really special and about being the best that you can be.
Over the years, I have been astounded by the quality of teaching in BSPA, by the genuine interest each teacher has in every child, regardless of ability and the quality of the shows generated by every school.

My son started off by watching from the sidelines, barely able to take part. At 13years old he is still shy, but he has developed a quiet self-confidence and a belief in himself. He has taken part in seven shows, performed in the Grand Opera House, the Waterfront Hall, and travelled to Paris with BSPA to perform in EuroDisney. He has developed a love for creative writing, thanks to the additional classes that BSPA offer and a genuine interest in stage design and theatre production.

As a child, he is having fun and doing something he loves every Saturday. As a parent, I have the pleasure of seeing him develop, rise to challenges, experience new things and be part of something very special.

— BSPA Parent

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