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You may have questions about BSPA so we have included some FAQs and answers.

Does my child need to audition to be accepted?

No, we believe in giving every child the opportunity to join and develop a love of Musical Theatre. When we start to work towards the school show we do give children the experience of auditioning in a safe and encouraging environment.

How are payments made and how often?

Payments are made at the start of each month via our on-line system. Your child will have an account set up for them when they register which is used for safe payments and communication with parents. All details will be sent to you when registering.

I have more than one child, is there any family discount?

Yes, we offer generous discounts for families. Please contact for further details.

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For all inquiries about our Saturday schools for ages 6-18, including workshops and summer projects.

BSPA Juniors

Age 3-5 years old? The juniors schools are the place for your child.

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For anyone wishing to hire costumes.

BSPA Casting

In-house casting agency directory of our students.

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