Melissa Patton

Melissa Patton

About Melissa Patton

Centre Manager – BSPA Lisburn AM and BSPA Lisburn PM

Melissa started off working with Springboard which is a cross community project that provides opportunities to young people to gain experience for the workplace. Since then Melissa has worked in Canada with Shaw TV Production Company for a live breakfast & entertainment show. She has also worked with Media Zoo on productions, costumes & script for short films including helping organise the 15 second film festival. Melissa has been training as a cheerleader with the Sandy Row Falcons from the age of 10 years old and is now the co-captain & help coach.

For her first year at BSPA Melissa was the assistant manager of BSPA Belfast Morning school. She progressed to become manager of the Lisburn school and also works full-time at Barclay Communications, Belfast.

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