At BSPA we offer our students specialty training in performing Arts in age appropriate groups. This includes an exciting mix of Singing, dance and drama through professional specialised tuition. Our students learn to develop specific skill-sets whilst increasing confidence and enhancing social interaction.

This is of benefit not only to those who wish to pursue a career within the performing arts industry but to all our students in whatever life choices they make in the future.


Our Dance classes help our students develop rhythm, coordination and balance. They learn to express themselves through movement focusing on timing and placement and positioning. They explore the world of dance through a multitude of disciplines including the below:

  • Warm up and cool downs
  • Limbering exercises
  • Centre/corner work to develop balance and coordination
  • Amalgamations/Choreography
  • Proper Placement or arms and feet
  • Rhythm and timing of movements
  • Spacial awareness
  • An array of dancing styles


Our Drama classes help our students express themselves dramatically and understand how to develop characters through imagination, role play and movement. They explore the world of acting through a multitude of disciplines including the below:

  • Develop skills in improvisation
  • Voice training
  • Characterisation and performance text
  • Stage and acting technique
  • Role play and imagination
  • Other drama based fun activities


Our singing classes offer our students specialist vocal tuition using a range of musical styles and techniques. We teach our students the importance of performance skills always focusing on the importance of process over product. They explore the world of singing through a multitude of disciplines including the below:

  • Vocal Warm ups
  • Harmonies
  • Vocal techniques on how to use their voices
  • Scales and singing exercises
  • Projection and diction
  • Enhancing vocal range, rhythm & dynamics
  • Characterisation.
  • Performance skills


  • Increases confidence
  •  Develop Stage Presence and Preforming Skills
  • Keeps mind and body active
  •  Improves Physical and emotional well being
  •  Develops flexibility and Posture
  •  Creates friendships and like-minded people
  •  Develops Communication and presentation skills
  •  Provides many unforgettable experiences