Lorraine Parkinson

Lorraine Parkinson

About Lorraine Parkinson

Centre Manager – Holywood Road

Lorraine has been Centre Manager at Holywood Rd since it opened its doors in April 2018.  She has valuable experience of BSPA both as a parent of a pupil and as Centre Manager, so understands things from both sides of the fence.  

She says “It has been a privilege to watch both my own son and the children at the school grow and mature through the support and encouragement from each of the teachers through dance, drama and singing.  As a parent I feel these skills are very important and a foundation to aid children in their journey through school, college/university and chosen careers.   

Saturday at BSPA is all about having fun, making friends and learning skills through each of the disciplines and it’s lovely to watch kids from all backgrounds mixing, laughing and making memories”

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